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XKGlow Motorcycle Turn Signal Kit: Rear / Flat / Clear

Manufacturer: XK Glow
Manufacturer part number: XK1157F-RR-C
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Motorcycle Specific: One of the easiest upgrades you can do to your bike! These are a drop-in replacement with a replacement lens for your bike's front or rear turn signals if they're the classic Harley round shape with an incandescent bulb. From XKGlow: You asked and well, we're here to deliver! Those incandescent bulbs aren't cool and you know you're due for an upgrade. Pick your size (Bullet or Flat) and choose your style (Clear or Smoked lenses). This is a true 5 minute install folks! Remove the lenses, replace the bulbs, and install your new lenses; as simple as changing a light bulb! It's time to retire those old and tired incandescent bulbs and see the light!