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XKGlow Jeep 5th Wheel Light

Manufacturer: XK Glow
Manufacturer part number: XK041019
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You'll Be Seen: With its helpful integrated full-white reverse light and sequential turn signals, this fifth wheel brake light provides both a huge increase in visibility, but also individualization! From XKGlow: Mysterious light unexpectedly emitting from the iconic (and probably epic) backup wheel of your Jeep, like a fighter jet nozzle ready to burst power. Unlike other spare tire light with sparse dotted LEDs, XKGLOW state-of-the-art LED disc illuminates the entire surface, so light is visible between every spoke. The sequential turn signal is our favorite function and you will never get tired of watching it in action. The integrated reverse mode illuminates the wheel in ultra bright white light that no one can miss. For Jeep JL without tow package and with halogen tail light, please add the CVT module and watch the following video for detailed mounting instruction.